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Discussions, Meetings, Emails & One-on-one

I have been thinking lately, how much average person in IT industry spent time in meetings /discussions in his/her entire career. Below tweet from friend leads to the inception of this post Best and worst part about software development is discussion. #softwareDev — Ajinkya (@i_ajinkya) October 23, 2015 I decided to break down the post in few questions which would help me to conclude by end of the  post Why we need meetings/discussions? What are we doing wrong about the meetings/discussions? What are possible alternatives to  meetings/discussions? -  Emails & One-on-one What agile has to say about meetings/ discussions? How can you make meetings/ discussions fruitful? Let's discuss this question one by one- 1. Why we need  meetings/ discussions?        Below are the reasons I can think of why discussions/meetings are called for, in general:- To bring every team member on the same page about a current status of Project. To discuss and define the roadmap. To have everyone'