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History Of Selenium WebDriver

I have assumed that you have already read my past blog entry, Introduction to Selenium WebDriver and here on the quest to find out technical answer of question - what selenium is? Before getting to the answer, I want you to go though the below info-graphics of history of Selenium WebDriver.  History of Selenium Now that you are aware of history, Can you answer what Selenium is? Selenium is set of tools which includes :- Selenium IDE Selenium RC WebDriver Selenium Grid So meaning of Selenium depends upon the context, c iting the man himself - Simon Stewart here - Unfortunately, the Selenium project uses a lot of jargon. Selenium Core is the heart of the original Selenium implementation, and is a set of Javascript scripts that control the browser. This is sometimes referred to as "Selenium" and sometimes as "Core". Selenium RC was the name given to the language bindings for Selenium Core, and is commonly, and confusingly, referred to as just "Selenium"

Download and Configure Selenium with Intellij IDE.

             In last post , you have learned how to create project in Intellij IDE. In this post, we will see :- Download Selenium JAR Index Page For Selenium Versions Index Page For Selenium Versions Index Page For Selenium Versions Index Page For Selenium Versions Index Page For Selenium Versions Configure Selenium JAR in Intellij IDE Downloading the Selenium/WebDriver 2 :-             Recently WebDriver committee has pushed WebDriver 3 in the beta, so Selenium 2 (also known as WebDriver) is not readily available for downloading under download section of official website . We have to click on previous releases link to download stable version of WebDriver which was 2.53.1 Selenium Website                         After clicking on previous releases, you will be navigated to index page which has enlisted previous version of WebDriver. Click on link 2.53 as shown in image. Click on link to start the download of required Selenium WebDriver. Download  Seleniu