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Data Driven Testing And Negative Testing

As a QA, I know what is Data Driven Testing (DDT) and what is Negative Testing refers to from last 5 years. But before today, I had never realized that negative testing is a subset of data-driven testing. With this post, I will try to explain my understanding of data-driven testing & negative testing and why I think of negative testing as a subset of data-driven testing.        As per Wikipedia , data-driven testing is a term used in the testing of computer software to describe testing done using a table of conditions directly as test inputs and verifiable outputs as well as the process where test environment settings and control are not hard-coded. This sounds very hard to me, I will try to make it simple but not simpler for you. “Testing is driven by data.” But what does that exactly means? Example :- Addition Operation in Calculator Addition Example of Data-Driven Testing So as you can see in above example, Output of operation changes as per the input passed. That means resul