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How can I enhance/improve my selenium skills?

Two months ago, when it was just six months in automation using Selenium and then I had a question - how can I enhance/improve my selenium skills? In this post, I am trying answer this question.    You might think, why do I think that I have eligibility to answer this question? OK, here is the story- it's been just eight months that I have started with Selenium and I got an amazing opportunity to explore all aspect of Selenium and related tools like Selenium WebDriver API for Web-App automation, Selenium Grid for test distribution, TestNG for controlling test flow, Extent Reporting for awesome test results, Appium for mobile automation, AutoIT & Sikuli for handling native OS control opened from browsers (Browse window for file upload) & bit of Maven for dependency management & testsuite invocation. I have even designed two automation frameworks for two different products.     As I worked on whole set of tools in six months, I was exposed to very high learning cur

Discussions, Meetings, Emails & One-on-one

I have been thinking lately, how much average person in IT industry spent time in meetings /discussions in his/her entire career. Below tweet from friend leads to the inception of this post Best and worst part about software development is discussion. #softwareDev — Ajinkya (@i_ajinkya) October 23, 2015 I decided to break down the post in few questions which would help me to conclude by end of the  post Why we need meetings/discussions? What are we doing wrong about the meetings/discussions? What are possible alternatives to  meetings/discussions? -  Emails & One-on-one What agile has to say about meetings/ discussions? How can you make meetings/ discussions fruitful? Let's discuss this question one by one- 1. Why we need  meetings/ discussions?        Below are the reasons I can think of why discussions/meetings are called for, in general:- To bring every team member on the same page about a current status of Project. To discuss and define the roadmap. To have everyone'

Summary of Dzone’s 2015 Guide to Code Quality and Software Agility

Recently  I went through ‘Dzone’s 2015 Guide to Code Quality and Software Agility’ and learned few things. Summary points: – Quality is perception of individuals.[Quality is value to some person.] In same product, the term quality used by individuals can mean different things. Example: – Different perspective about quality Quality is more than just ensuring a lack of software defects. It can also include project cost, feature release time, and even team skill development. Continuous Delivery for better software, faster When organizations build quality into the product, they begin a virtuous cycle of better and faster releases. Being time is factor in quality,  continuous delivery and automation is must for better software. Your Code is like a Crime Scene Sometimes, only a small percentage of the codebase is responsible for the majority of historic defects. By narrowing down their efforts, developers can often solve a large number of defects by working on a very small section o