Thursday 25 August 2016

How can I enhance/improve my selenium skills?

Two months ago, when it was just six months in automation using Selenium and then I had a question - how can I enhance/improve my selenium skills? In this post, I am trying answer this question. 


You might think, why do I think that I have eligibility to answer this question? OK, here is the story- it's been just eight months that I have started with Selenium and I got an amazing opportunity to explore all aspect of Selenium and related tools like Selenium WebDriver API for Web-App automation, Selenium Grid for test distribution, TestNG for controlling test flow, Extent Reporting for awesome test results, Appium for mobile automation, AutoIT & Sikuli for handling native OS control opened from browsers (Browse window for file upload) & bit of Maven for dependency management & testsuite invocation. I have even designed two automation frameworks for two different products.

    As I worked on whole set of tools in six months, I was exposed to very high learning curve in early phase and later I found out my learning curve is going stagnant so I have to make an effort to keep enhancing my skills. Below are the list of the things which I did and doing and benefited on my quest to enhance/improve selenium skills:-
  1. Follow Leaders

If you need to sharpen your any technical skills, you should try to write about it more often. This has helped me a lot. This is one of the reason why I post.   Basically writing any post needs research and you also need to articulate the thoughts in a way so that it make sense to others. If you learn something new today, write about it. Writing about any topic in Selenium, first,  you need to have an understanding of that topic and then you have to develop the ability to make it simpler for others. Writing helps us to recall our learning curve and that sort of thing stick with a mind for a very long time.

If you have time every  day and wanted to utilise your knowledge to help someone you can always turned up to Stackoverflow without hesitation.  What is stackoverflow?
“A language-independent collaboratively edited question and answer site for programmers.”
You can follow tags like Selenium, Selenium-WebDriver and testng, so that you will found related questions easily.

This is just like any other google group where user seek product related help. Lots of guys do answer to posted questions. If you want to know what kind of issues are others in community are running into, you can subscribe for summary email. One of the advantages to be active in such  community is finding different approaches for same issue which of course helps to build better perspective for automation.

This is Linkedin group for selenium related queries, it also does helps user with the same way that Google Group does. But this not official group of Selenium.

  1. Follow Leaders:-

Follow who are doing great in Selenium and their posts/answers can take you to next level. Few suggestion from me:

This is all for now.

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