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Summary of Dzone’s 2015 Guide to Code Quality and Software Agility

Recently  I went through ‘Dzone’s 2015 Guide to Code Quality and Software Agility’ and learned few things.
Summary points: –

  1. Quality is perception of individuals.[Quality is value to some person.]
    • In same product, the term quality used by individuals can mean different things.
      Example: –

    Different perspective about quality

      • Quality is more than just ensuring a lack of software defects. It can also include project cost, feature release time, and even team skill development.
    • Continuous Delivery for better software, faster
      • When organizations build quality into the product, they begin a virtuous cycle of better and faster releases.
      • Being time is factor in quality,  continuous delivery and automation is must for better software.
    • Your Code is like a Crime Scene
      • Sometimes, only a small percentage of the codebase is responsible for the majority of historic defects. By narrowing down their efforts, developers can often solve a large number of defects by working on a very small section of code.
    • Testing Practices can be improved using following techniques: –
      • Analyze “release day” emotions of team
      •  Pick one unanswered question that the team has at release.

    I also like article by Gerry Claps – ‘What Elon Musk Can Teach Us About Agile Software Development '    


    1. Quality means generating desired output within given deadline.. Developer perspective:D


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