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Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

When one starts with new technology, there are numerous questions clouds in a mind. Selenium is not an exception. As a beginner or newbie, you might have following questions which I had some months ago. So I have created a list of all those questions. I will try to answer those questions as per my knowledge and understanding. What is selenium?   Why we need Selenium? What are advantages of selenium over other tools? Is Selenium WebDriver best tool available out there for automation? Why  should one learn Selenium WebDriver? How to learn Selenium WebDriver? Where can I find free online step by step tutorial to learn Selenium? How can I enhance my selenium skills? Answers to most of these questions mentioned above are related to each other. Let’s go one by one. What is Selenium?           As per official Selenium website , Selenium automates browsers . Citing the entire introductory a paragraph from the source: Selenium automates browsers . That's it! What you do with that power is e

Creating your first project in IntelliJ Community Edition IDE

I n previous post we have covered, how to install the IDE. Now we will see how to create to java project in IntelliJ IDE which would be required for our first selenium script. Just follow below steps and images - Open the IDE. Open the IDE. As we are starting fresh, we don't have any settings to import so we will select the second radio button and click on OK button Setting import pop up We need to accept the privacy policy agreement before proceeding any further. Read the policy and then click on accept. Privacy Policy Agreement For now, we would not make any change in default setting of IntelliJ be it theme or any plugin. If you want to play around with it, go ahead no harm in that. Default setting for IDE Now IDE will get loaded as shown in below image. IDE getting started Click on first option to create your first project. Create New Project We need to set SDK for this project, so click on New button. Set SDK for the project Click on JDK option from the list. Set SDK for th

Installation Of IntelliJ Community Edition

        This post is about Integrated development environment commonly known as IDE . Choosing IDE is a personal thing and like all the personal traits, this also counts and counts a lot in your productivity.         When I started with learning automation using selenium, I did extensive research. Right from the book which I should read, blogs which I should follow and IDE which I should use.          I chose IntelliJ Community edition Over Eclipse IDE . Though Eclipse is the top ranked IDE used in the automation industry, I didn’t just blindly followed the community. I downloaded both the IDE and tried them each for a week. I found myself at ease when I was evaluating Intellij, and it was mainly because it gives the ability to debug in the same view, unlike Eclipse. Here are the pointers that can help you to choose between IDE DZone : Intellij vs. Eclipse: Why IDEA is Better Reddit: Java IDE: IntelliJ Community Edition or Eclipse? Stackoverflow: IDEA Community Edition vs Eclipse D

How to check whether my PC is 32 bit or 64 bit?

1. Press Windows Key from Keyboard                            OR                 Click on Start icon                                             2. Right click on Computer.                 3. Click on Properties. 4. Check System type I’m running 64-bit version of windows 7.                                                                       

Installation of java & Set environment variables for java installation

We can divide this post in 3 parts:- Java Installation Setting up environment variables for java installation Verify Java installation and newly set up environment variables are proper. Java Installation:- Go to Java download page. Check whether your PC is 32 bit or 64 bit.  I’m running 64-bit version of windows 7. Click on Accept License Agreement radio button after reading License agreement. Java Download page 4. For 32 bit Operating System [OS], click on jdk-8u77-windows-i586.exe and for 64 bit Operating System [OS], click on jdk-8u77-windows-x64.exe 5. Your download will start after clicking on link Java downloading on local machine 6. I have already downloaded JDK [Java Development Kit] version - jdk-8u77. . Java Installable 7.   Now double click on your java installable. Follow with images below:- JDK Installation step 1 JDK Installation step 2             Please note the highlighted path, we would be usi